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Telemax offers many features that other tracking companies just don't have. The software has been built and created by our in-house development team based in Brisbane on client feedback and not what we think you should have.  We don't put our logo on someone else's third-party software-based overseas and claim it as our own. If a great idea makes sense, we will develop and create it.


Sign Posted Speed Alerts

When the position is sent from the vehicle, the current speed recorded is verified against the speed sign database. Drivers and cars are provided with a rating score which can be compared to others. Speed alerts can be triggered if the vehicle goes over the speed limit by a percentage or amount.


Having the information using the trip report can give you where a vehicle has been, how long they were there for, distance travelled, and the odometer readings which can assist in seeing how staff are using cars.  You can also run reports on how an entire fleet is being utilised with kilometres, speeds and vehicle usage behaviour.

Live Estimated Time of Arrival

Knowing where the vehicle is beneficial, but it doesn't tell you how far they are away from a destination and ringing the driver is not ideal.  Using the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) feature will give live updates on when the vehicle is expected time at the location.  The system uses live traffic data, speed of the car and the current route it's taken to give the arrival time.

Share Live Tracking

Letting someone know when the vehicle will arrive helps take away frustration of back and forth conversations.  By sending them a link through email or SMS gives them the ability to watch the car live for a specific period on an external map (Not your login). Once the timer has finished, the link will expire, and no access will be granted.


Setting up virtual electronic zones around areas can assist in identifying when vehicle enter or exit those areas.  These geofences can be inserted automatically inside reports or triggered through SMS or email alerts to know in real-time. As an example, an alarm could be triggered when a vehicle arrives on-site or goes into an area that is defined as restricted.

Replay Trips

Being able to zoom and replay a trip as well as analyse can be useful after a trip has occurred.  The feature shows the starting location and all positions sent from the car until the end of the journey. It can be a great learning tool when letting staff know that specific routes should be followed.

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