4GX Vehicle Tracker

Hardwired (CAT M1)
Precision Location

This device gives you the ability to track your vehicle with a precision  of  2 meters  using the Ublox 7 Chipset and AGPS.

Hardwired Connection

Installation experience is require to install this device. The device can be connected to 12/24V power, earth and the ignition.

Disconnect Alert

If the unit has  been disconnected you will receive an alert by email, screen.


Be notified when the vehicle goes over  a maximum speed or breaks the speed limit  of a road they are  traveling.

Recording Trips

Have detailed trip reports to identify precisely when your team arrived at a destination, how long it took them and what time they were  at that location.

4G Network

4GX uses superior 700MHz spectrum that can go further than previous 4G frequencies. Creating extra 4G coverage in rural and regional areas.


Why would I use a Hardwired GPS Tracker?

There is a majority of trucks and some cars that do not have an OBD2 port and therefore can not use the plug and play tracker. Also, the hardwired tracker is capable of connecting driver ID readers and other hardware.

How do I install the GPS Tracker?

We have a team of installers that can fit your tracker if you required. If you would like to install the tracker yourself it needs to hardwired in the truck or vehicle. On a basic installation, three wires need to be connected. 12V-24V positive power, ground and ignition.

Where do you install the GPS Tracker?

The GPS tracker needs to be installed inside the dash of the vehicle in the correct position as per the instructions provided with the tracker. This ensures that the tracker can see good satellites and facing the right direction for our driver behaviour to operate correctly.

Can I remove it and install it in another vehicle?

The GPS tracker can be uninstalled and reinstalled from any of your assets and put into something new. Let us know by email or phone, and we will update the details to reflect the odometer reading and other information.

Tracker Comparison Chart

Tracker Plug & Play Hardwired Solar Asset Trailer

No Installation Required

Basic, Standard  and Pro

Tracking Plans  available 

Back Up Battery

Accident Detection

12V & 24V Power

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Speed Limit Monitoring

Odometer Monitoring

4G Network

Installed Out of Sight

Tamper Alert



Screw/Magnet Mounting

Built-in Long Battery

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