Live GPS Tracking Software


With over 20 reports you can distinguish unnecessary idling, wasted fuel, lost time at job sites, and measureovertime using our GPS tracking Software

Select Vehicle

Choose one or many vehicles that you want to see on your screen

Trip Replays

View each trip that your vehicle has made easily, with start and stop locations

Live Traffic Cameras

Get a live feed from traffic cameras around your areas


Real-time warnings on events that occur within your company's fleet

Service Center

Keep on topof your fleet's servicing and reminders when they are scheduled


A quick and easy way of seeing how your vehicles and staff are performing in visual graphs

Vehicle Information

See live data such as locations, battery levels, odometer reading and who is driving

Start today, and get access

Want to see the fleet management system working in reawl time. Get access to a demonstration trail account

GPS Software tracking Features

Fatigue Management

Monitor your vehicles speed, how long the driver has been behind the wheel for and driver behaviour. Can be connected with our facial fatigue and distraction monitoring camera using our GPS Tracking Software.

Secure Hosting 

Your data is critical and we have taken numerous steps to guarantee your information is protected. Your data is hosted in Australia using the secure Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.

Get the Full Picture

Our System is designed so you receive a comprehensive understanding of how your fleet is operating using our reports and dashboard your become the expert so you can make decisions quickly.

Google Street View

Google Street View enables you to zoom into a vehicle's location and look at the surrounding area.

Premium Google Maps

As an authorised Google Maps Premium Partner, you get the highest quality images, traffic and user experience.

Live Tracking

Watch your fleet driving in real-time using our Live Drive technology - either watch individually vehicles or your entire fleet at once with our trackers.

Estimated Time of Arrival

Access reliable travel time estimates for vehicles from current location to destination which uses distance and live traffic.

Checked every box for us, competitive cost, dependable GPS trackers and modern software that never misses a beat.


CEO Real Innovation Group

It has been great to work with Telemax, from the initial contact and system demo to using the Fleet Management Portal.

Carl Narraway

CEO Newcastle Car and Truck Rental

We have used Telemax linked to Rental Car Manager for over four years and found them excellent to deal with and helped us through the Covid period. 

Kevin Claverie

Director Andy’s Auto Rentals

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Business doesn't stop you when you are away from your computer

Business doesn't stop you when you are away from your computer