GPS Tracking Theft Devices – Do they work?

July 12, 2021 in Uncategorized

Do GPS tracking theft devices really work? A concealed tracking device dramatically increases your chances of recovering a stolen vehicle. A GPS tracker can assist in solving vehicle theft issues. For example, it can help locate a hijacked vehicle or an abandoned trailer.

The ramifications for transport companies of theft are numerous. The cost of lost goods is only the beginning, as insurance rates and procedures can be complex and costly to recover. GPS tracker data can help figure out what happened when a break-in or theft has occurred. The problem of theft is growing out of control. Rather than stealing goods that are stored in warehouses, thieves now target items that are being transported by truck.

Asset tracking helps to reduce the vulnerability of your trailer by giving you a view of its movement and location in near real-time. Implementing a GPS fleet management system can provide you with the information you need to get complete oversight of your assets.

GPS Tracking Theft

trailer tracking device is installed onto a trailer to monitor its location. These devices work with a comprehensive fleet management system and normally require no external power by using solar panels or using the trailer braking lights to power the internal rechargeable battery.

The tracker is powered by a battery and with either rechargeable or long-lasting batteries. The GPS-enabled asset sends a signal, which is read by the appropriate software. You can use a platform to see your trailers. You can find them and see what they are doing.

Here are some key capabilities of GPS Tracking Devices: 

  1. Improve safety for drivers through real-time GPS tracking and reporting – GPS tracking devices can improve fleet safety.
  2. They help reduce the risk of human error and accidents by providing drivers with up-to-date information about their route, speed, and location relative to other vehicles on the road. They can also alert managers about a problem well before it becomes an emergency, and they support geo fence of restricted areas.
  3. Tracing the entire route – GPS trailers let you see the routes your drivers take. GPS data shows every location in which the trailer or vehicle has been, allowing you to get a complete picture of its use and helps you to maintain tight control over where your assets are being taken.
  4. Reducing fuel costs – GPS fleet and asset tracking systems allow you to identify inefficient routes or driving style problems. For example, long distances or excessive speed might be indicators of costly issues such as speeding, hard braking, and idling.
  5. Protecting your business from theft or damage – GPS fleet trackers allow you to monitor the location of assets and identify when they are being taken out of a permitted area. For example, suppose a trailer is stolen. In that case, law enforcement can use GPS data to recover the vehicle and capture the thieves.
  6. GPS trackers located in trucks can help identify driver fatigue patterns and ensure that drivers take required breaks during their shifts. For cargo theft, you can use tracking data in conjunction with video footage from surveillance cameras to locate stolen goods.

GPS Works with Trailers

A GPS tracker enables owners and managers to see the location of all trailers in near real-time tracking. This reduces the risk of theft and associated financial losses.

Tracking the location of a trailer also lets you recover stolen assets. Vehicles are hard to find when they are stolen because people can move them quickly. This makes it more difficult for police officers and other law enforcement to find them.

GPS Avoids Stolen Vehicle

To ensure that all your vehicle assets are taken care of, GPS trackers and telematics software offer a fleet overview and reporting. This app is available on both desktop and smartphone versions to avoid vehicle theft.

Telematics software can also help an owner disable a vehicle or see if the driver’s current speed violates posted limits. Real-Time time vehicle tracking features and tools provided for reporting purposes help users in many ways.

Security Notifications

With a GPS tracker system, users benefit from reliable trailer or vehicle tracking and receive notifications and analyses of driving behaviour. Alerts you of suspicious activity, like when the trailer’s go out of designated geofence. This tool is excellent for predicting driver behaviour. Some trackers use a recovery mode that provides the location until it runs out of battery.

These alerts fleet managers can help them find out about any changes in the vehicle’s movement. This way, they can be on the lookout for any potential problems and address them if necessary. If you are alerted in the event of a suspicious activity or where your stolen vehicles are, this can help you act promptly.

Geofencing Alert 

When setting up alerts, consider the location of your trailers so you will receive timely notification that cargo is arriving or departing. Geo zone alerts let you know when a shipment is about to arrive at the customer’s loading dock. You can get alerts when a vehicle leaves. You can check tasks off of a to-do list without having to call the team.

Geofencing functionality, which helps prevent trailers from falling into the wrong hands. You first set up your preferred virtual perimeter. Then, if any assets left outside of specified working hours, you are instantly notified.

Better Asset Utilisation

The vehicle tracking systems offered by telematics companies can also help you improve the efficiency of your fleet. If you purchase a GPS tracker from them, they will provide a low monthly or service fee for the software. Rates could be lower depending on how many vehicles you have.

With telematics technology, you can know precisely how your property is being used. For example, you will identify the factors that cause your trailers to be delayed and running late.

To assess the efficiency and productivity of an asset, you can monitor it with a telematics-based system. This information then helps automate tasks and improve efficiency.