3G shutdown – Will your GPS tracker work?

June 25, 2021 in Uncategorized

Telstra formally stated in October 2019 that in June 2024, the 3G shutdown will be completed. While this is still a way off, Telstra announced it so companies with 3G GPS tracker devices have plenty of time to upgrade to the next version of 4G GPS trackers. In 2006, Telstra introduced the 3G network, which was cutting-edge technology at the time. Telstra now provides widespread 4G coverage, resulting in a better user experience and more robust GPS tracking coverage.

The last time the telecom shut down a network was in 2016 when its 2G network was shut down. With the decision just being revealed in 2014, there was considerably less time to put it into action. Australian companies have had more than four years to prepare this time, and the time is ticking closer.

How does this impact companies that use GPS tracking within their fleet?

  • If you currently are a Telemax client, there is probably a good chance you already have a plug and play 4G GPS tracker as we have not sold 3G trackers since the announcement was made back in 2019. Telemax started swapping out 3G GPS trackers straight away, as we didn't want to put our current clients in a position of purchasing technology that would be switched off and money wasted when they had to buy a 4G GPS tracker.
  • To continue using the Telstra network in Australia, all GPS tracking devices must have a modem or module compatible with LTE Band 28 (700MHz), also known as 4GX by Telstra.
  • For the best results, Customers should deploy 4G GPS trackers for optimal coverage.
  • The Telstra LTE network reaches 99 per cent of the population as of October 2019, with plans to expand coverage to achieve network equality with the existing 3G network by June 2024.
  • While Telstra will continue to support the NextG network into June 2024, you may experience a decline in coverage in some locations due to tuning and re-farming.
  • Customers with 3G GPS trackers should upgrade to a 4G GPS tracker before 2024. Telemax will help companies change their trackers and pricing that many fleet management providers can't match.