The Ultimate Guide | GPS Tracker 101

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A GPS tracker system is a more efficient way of keeping track of your fleet or personal vehicle. You can use a GPS tracker to search where your car is at all times. In some cases, you can also manage vehicles remotely.

GPS tracker for consumers

GPS quality has evolved over time from being a specialty device to a consumer item for everyone. The best GPS tracker systems come with smartphone apps.

Types of Trackers

  • Vehicle tracker device - You can purchase a tracker to attach to your car, and it will give you real-time tracking. Most can plug straight into an OBDII (On-Board Diagnostics) port. Present in most current vehicle models in the market.

  • Personal GPS tracker or mobile phone app - Basically a program installed onto a device that you want to track. One example is the Find My Friends app that tracks the whereabouts of your friends.

  • Tracking Software - These products work by using the GPS on your computer to track the device you want to monitor.

  • Tracking Device - This is a small, portable tracking device that can be either external or inbuilt onto a product and will relay information back to central servers for monitoring purposes.

How does a GPS tracker work?

A GPS tracker device is a small, battery-operated GPS receiver. These products can be installed easily in any vehicle. GPS unit links to satellite and cellular networks.  GPS trackers use satellites and cell phone networks. This gives an accurate reading of the device's current position, navigation, and other data.


GPS tracking devices are used as a way to monitor the location data of an asset or vehicle. These transmitters work by triangulating the device's position with data collected from cellular networks and satellites, producing coordinates that can be viewed on a map in real-time.

Parts of what makes a Tracker work

The basic components of a GPS tracker system are the following:

  • Global Positioning System receiver.
  • Internal computer.
  • Storage or memory.
  • Cellular transmitter.

The GPS System


GPS satellites broadcast microwave carrier signals, which contain information about the position and timing of sent messages. These are captured by a receiver on earth to produce accurate coordinates for navigation or mapping purposes.

Cellular Sites

Ground stations are constantly tracking the position of orbiting GPS satellites and providing calculations to align each satellite's clock precisely.


GPS receivers have helped revolutionize the way we navigate our world. The GPS receiver interprets signals sent from satellites and uses trilateration to calculate an exact location for any given device or person carrying a GPS tracking unit on them.

4G Plug & Play GPS Tracker


Our 4G Plug & Play devices are easy to install. There are no wires, and you don't need any technical experience with cars to install them.

What does GPS Tracking Devices are for?

  • A GPS tracking system can be used for personal or business use to provide real-time vehicle location. Personal GPS Tracking Systems are beneficial for a family member or loved ones who want to stay in contact while travelling.
  • GPS tracker is a device that tracks a moving asset. A GPS tracking item can be used by businesses with a fleet to keep track of them.
  • GPS tracking systems process data that can help owners identify potential or recurring problems.
  • GPS Trackers gathers information like your vehicle's fuel level, real-time location, when it is idling, how fast it is going, and its mileage.

GPS Trackers for cars

A GPS tracker is a relatively small device that can be placed inside a car to monitor it. It plugs into the port or is wired in. GPS tracker system monitors useful data that can be accessed remotely. A car tracker is fitted with a sim card to take advantage of cellular networks as well. These devices are registered with the cellular network. A tracking device sim card is similar to your smartphone device.  Cars and trucks typically include a port where a GPS tracker can be plugged in. In some older models, a GPS tracker might need to be wired.

Is GPS for All?

People often believe that GPS trackers are not practical for home or family vehicle use. This is not true. Many people are now using GPS trackers for personal safety and security. GPS trackers can specifically be used for both fleet and personal use as an anti-theft device. As crime rates rise, orders for GPS trackers and products increase. Trackers are also helpful in instances where a family or loved one wants to send roadside assistance.

So what's the difference?

A GPS tracker for personal use works much in the same way as they do with a fleet, though they are primarily used for giving accurate navigation data and vehicle information. All GPS devices for businesses come with more reporting and data capabilities but overall there is little difference.

What are the benefits of using a GPS tracking system?

GPS vehicle tracker's benefits include:

  • GPS device systems are a must-have for parents and business owners to keep tabs on their vehicles and assets.

  • GPS system can also help you track and manage deliveries, business activities involving your car tracker.

  • GPS device process provides data managers and owners can take action to reduce fuel consumption, overspeeding incidents, wasteful use of the vehicle.

  • All data is accessible remotely with web access- which means monitoring from anywhere.

  • Trackers can be attached nearly anywhere on a vehicle or asset for discreet monitoring.

  • Receive SMS and email notification alerts.

  • GPS systems can provide fleet management and personal asset protection.

Are GPS Trackers Practical for Personal Use?

All GPS tracker systems are used in a variety of industries, but they have also found their way into the hands of average consumers, and for good reason!

The cost or range of prices for GPS tracker devices has fallen dramatically in recent years as they become more popular with consumers.

The best GPS products are usually a combination of the actual device and the companies that help it function. Do your homework. Read reviews and shop around, compare prices before buying.

What are some drawbacks of Tracking Devices?

There is a high probability of signal interference from tall buildings, dense vegetation, or other natural obstructions. But for most trackers, data gets loaded the moment they get coverage.

GPS trackers require a clear line of sight between the device and satellites to function properly. There are also rare cases related to internal batteries.

Other drawbacks

The issue of trackers being used to harass and stalk is a concern. Many states have already passed laws to protect their citizens against this. These laws make it illegal to put trackers on vehicles without the knowledge of the driver.

GPS trackers for Fleets

Several major industries in Australia have started using GPS trackers to manage their car fleet, including vehicle rentals, trucking, security, and delivery companies. With vehicle tracking software, fleet managers can get an in-depth look at their entire workforce. These applications interpret data sent by telematics to update information almost instantly through a mobile or desktop app—giving them the power they need to track and analyze every part of their business as it moves forward.

With the help of telematics, fleet managers can monitor their vehicles in near real-time to see if they have broken down or had an accident. This allows them to respond quickly and appropriately during a time when there is no need for panic. When a vehicle is stolen, the company can locate it and retrieve it using GPS technology. GPS tracking makes the process of retrieval easier.

Data for business

GPS systems originally were only used to track location. Now, all telematics companies provide a range of services that allow vehicle owners access to comprehensive data. GPS tracker data can be accessed by downloading a mobile app on your phone or through a computer app.

What does Telematics software offer?

  • An app companion that lets you track what you are doing with customizable roads and maps using Google maps.

  • App feature that can notify (by email or SMS) you right away when drivers are speeding.

  • Telematic companies offer customer support. Useful when you have a problem or question.

  • Most telematics companies have an online store. Order tracking devices, items, and accessories with warranty and guaranteed quality. Users can also order and get the item the next day.

  • Apps offer a range of data report abilities that help you plan to be more efficient.

Do you need a GPS Vehicle Tracker Now?

In Australia today, there has been an increase in vehicle theft and vehicle-related offences. Many car owners now have a GPS device in their cars to make sure they can be tracked. There are a few companies in Australia now that offer GPS tracker systems. These services typically come with features like report notifications. Most also provide historical and real-time data analytics.

How to Get Started

If you are considering a GPS tracker for your fleet, buy a few devices and see how it fits your requirement. A number of telematics companies even offer free trials. Some telematics companies allow customers to use their mobile app and computer program--allowing users to experience the product before they buy--to get a feel for how the GPS tracker platform works.

The price range of a GPS tracker device differs from one supplier to the next. The best GPS products usually cost more. But always take into consideration the service that comes with the product.  When trying to search for a GPS tracker system, it is important to compare the product quality and review what features they offer. Make sure to shop around before you make a decision.

Ask Questions

When shopping around make sure you ask questions. GPS trackers for cars have different features and capabilities.

Some question you might want to ask are:

  • Are you able to access navigation and vehicle data on a tablet, smartphone or any mobile phone models?
  • How long does the battery life last, does it have a rechargeable battery?
  • Is the app user-friendly? Does it use Google maps?
  • Is there someone that would help install the GPS tracker?
  • Can you receive a speeding notification through email?
  • Can support assist you anytime when you need some information?
  • Do you have real-time access to reporting data?


If you are looking for GPS trackers for cars or your fleet, whether it is for your home cars or for multiple vehicles in a fleet setting, Keep in mind what you need your GPS tracker system for. Other costs you will need to consider before deciding how and when you want a GPS tracker are the monthly fees to the company and the price of a GPS tracker.  Many offer no activation fees, you can make orders for GPS products that include the app with features and the actual GPS tracker.

Final Note

It is important to see what features and services a Telematics company offers before you ask for quotes. The best GPS tracker company websites have a wealth of useful information. Customers can reach them through their homepage and have customer service personnel help with information. If your fleet or personal vehicle requires a GPS tracker system, ask for a proposal from telematic companies that offer the best features and support.